About Us


loveMyRun, is more than just selling running product, LoveMyRun represent a passion for Running. I am the founder but I am also a deep passionate marathon runner. When you come to visit our online running store you will find a dedicated team of runners trying to bring you the best possible service and the best possible quality at incredible competitive prices. Because we all know that running is more than just a simple exercise, we know running is a passion, is a life style which bring us to enjoy the pain when crossing the finish line at mile 26.2 or it could be when crossing that finish line at 5K. It doesn't matter what the distance or what the goal is, but certainly we know that behind every single runner there is something bigger than a simple daily exercise.



LoveMyRun team get out every single day aiming to bring the most inspirational running products to our runners mates. Our mission is to be part of  a big change in the running world. In LoveMyRun we believe that running is a life style that can be represented through our day to day running clothing, accessories, gadgets. That's why we exist and we are here delivering the most inspirational and high quality running products  at prices that no one can compete. We are here to inspired your day to day running life style.